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It is for two reasons I am pleased to serve God in this community and to serve as Pastor of the United Church of DeRuyter.  One reason is because this place is filled with people whom God loves with an everlasting love.  That translates into great fellowship each time we gather together.  It is a true privilege to be with any people who know they are loved, and especially, know they are loved by God.  The second reason is because there are plenty of opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus while we are serving together.

This small rural village is a place of great warmth and potential.  Serving here is a call to each one of us to become all that we can become.  Alone we can't accomplish so much.  But together we can accomplish God's purposes in this region of the world.  We can and do serve each other and we can and do serve those who do not yet realize God's love for themselves.  This kind of service, I am convinced, brings glory to Jesus.  Not to mention, it can and does bring many to Salvation in Christ.

Roxanne and I have been here for 12 years and we have been shown some of the best that the body of Christ has to offer.  Are we a perfect people? Not hardly.  I am glad, for that means there is room for me and for you in the body of Christ.  Do we love God and have a desire to fulfill His purposes for our lives?  Yes, most certainly.  I am also glad for that as well. It means that my purpose in Christ and your purpose in Christ can be fulfilled here in this place. 

Friend and Pastor,

Vern R. Groves

Telephone: (315)852-9841

Email: vgroves@twcny.rr.com

Blog: pastorvernmusings.blogspot.com